„I giardini di Zoe” is the place in the county closest to the aristocratic spaces of Europe. 

Carefully cared for trees and hedges border clean stone roads, soft grass spreads carpets, and elegant stone fountains fill the air with freshness and silver sprinkles. „

Out of the thousands of roses, the green columns of the conifers support the azure vault of the June sky. On the hill, the warm stone of travertine climbs the steps to the flower heaven.

The purple crowns of the ornamental corcods place dramatic accents to the garden and they match wonderfully between the cheerfulness of the flowers and the seriousness of the volcanic stone.„I giardini di Zoe” is the property of an Italian gardener. After more than a decade of adjustments, the man managed to bring part of Italy into the village of Hunedoara.

Who gets here is enchanted at first sight. It is not a place to chase or roll on the perfectly cut grass.

It is a place where you can enjoy a walk, even barefoot, where you can stop for an elegant discussion or stay at a coffee or lemonade with your own soul.

The aristocratic garden inspires elegance and is in perfect taste. The property of Giovanni Salvatelli from Banpotoc is a huge puzzle in bloom: “It was born as a game and played every day. He wanted to remain something to the next generations, including his granddaughter who is 6 years old, which is why he named this property „I giardini di Zoe”, explains administrator Ramona Morar.

The owner comes from Italy, from the Ancona area, the Marche region, somewhere in the center of Italy, an area with hills that has some of the famous charm of Tuscany. “He brought to Romania a part of this hilly region. There are plants adapted to the climate here.

The candle-shaped conifer is the scopulorum skyrocket juniper that resembles its cypresso-like resin from Italy, which in this region does not resist, ”adds Ramona.

The work of 15 years and the huge daily work can only be guessed by connoisseurs who know how much effort is hidden in this perfection.

The ideas belong to the Italian businessman who designs everything, wire by wire, stone by stone: “Study much, very much!

From the alley „projects” on the hill; from the hill he imagines new elements on the right field. It is a place made after his soul – every plant, every tree is placed where God has felt and inspired him.

 Massive pieces adorn the garden. Handmade fountains and imposing vessels guard the grass mats: „It is a kind of volcanic rock” peperino „brought from Italy. It is the only imported material, the others are Romanian. It’s the travertine that works very well for stairs and walls.

On one side of the garden, stretches „Giovanni’s Alley” where the soft and often lawn is bordered by streams of flowers, flowering shrubs and trees with different textures. Here the bees swarm by pollen, the butterflies run among the flowering clusters, the grains set the right time to steal the cherries. „We chose the arrangement here to be as colorful and leafy, and as flowers and as flowering time: we have berberis with yellow leaves, hydrangea that will make a very big pink flower in July, the bee that will bloom in August- September, hypericum which is now in the maximum period of flowering and fruiting, with yellow flowers and red fruits.

To make such an arrangement, place a foil, mow the plants, and then fill with bark or stone to make maintenance easier. ” Because the care of a garden requires titanium work – the garden „swallows” hundreds of liters of water, and such a auspicious place is invaded by uninvited guests who rise with hundreds every day claiming a place among the varieties of plants. „The work here never ends, you stay bent from morning until evening and always – you always go, cut, clean, gather, use,” sighs the woman.

It’s hard work, but the rewards are wonderful: „Don’t imagine what it’s like to drink your coffee here in the morning. We always feel it is worth it, but when someone comes and tells us that heaven is here on earth, our soul grows. The words of an old man who came to us, sat in the shade and then said to us: „Now I can die: I saw heaven!”

The few people who have heard of this place find it with astonishment. You simply cannot believe that the county has such places where the scenery of the country takes on a truly regal air. „I am from Simeria and I did not know that here, we have something so beautiful nearby! I came to the nursery to buy some trees and I discovered this place, it is incredible! ”

A visitor measures everything with a long glance and concludes: „It looks like what I saw in movies, photos. It’s like a garden in England. I discovered it by accident and I was amazed at how it is positioned and arranged. Now I would move here! ”

It is also the perfect place for elegant wedding photos because the photographers can discover tens, hundreds of angles for the brides in the frame every season.

On the nearly three hectares, as you can see, the garden can honor any European mansion or castle.

In the end, the Italian preferred an elegant, single-storey house that becomes part of his game and does not crush the place, but suits him.

It is a real lesson in common sense and a fair measure given by a businessman who has money but impresses without being overpowered. The place is elegant, natural, not at all arrogant or opulent. The rooms tastefully arranged in soft colors, with shadows and warm lights make you want to stop for an unlimited time here, at „I giardini di Zoe”.

You can easily imagine that you are a princess, and the perfect arrangements in front of the manor become, with a bit of imagination, guarded in steel armor, flowered ladies, true knights or courtyards lined up, and the fountains are nothing but cups of which the champagne bursts. What a dream life bursts out of this garden …